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National Health Training Center is one of the centers of Department of Health Services which is responsible for overseeing all health training activities at the national, regional, district and community level through appropriate and quality training needs assessment, training delivery, monitoring, evaluation, post training follow up and research.

The National Health Policy, 1991 defined the health care delivery system. The policy laid emphasis on development and management of health manpower. Based on the Health Policy, a National Health Manpower Master Plan was developed. Subsequently, the National Training Strategy for Primary Health Care was developed in 1997. The focus of the strategy was to develop carders of Health care providers at district level and below for delivering PHC services. The strategy provided policy directives for planning and managing training programs for DoHS.

Since the development of the strategy in 1997, the Ministry of Health (MOH)/Department of Health Services (DoHS) has developed several policies/guidelines that have a different bearing on training. These include the following: National Health Policy, Second Long Term Health Plan, Local Self Governance Act, National Strategy Human Resource Development Plan for Health, Nepal health Sector Strategy and Nepal Health Sector Program Implementation Plan 2004 (NHSS/NHSP-IP), Millennium Development Goal, National RH Strategy, National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) Strategy.

Training is one of the priority areas for the MOH. The tenth plan, 2002-2007 envisaged NHTC as the apex body under the MoH for overseeing all health related training not only for the Department of Health Services but also the Department of Drug Administration and Department of Ayurveda. The tenth plan also delegated the responsibility of conducting Educational research to NHTC.

The National Training Strategy 1997, in spite of having all the need based elements built-in into it. The 1997 strategy has been carefully reviewed for the purpose of assessing the status of its implementation. This has served as the basis in developing the National Health Training Strategy.